At our optical lab in the U.S., we hand-mold to make sure that one-of-a-kind eye prescription is met every time worldwide

In 1978, a young Donnie Dyal got his first job at Aire-O-Lite. At the time, it was just a small 800-square-foot optical shop. Before long, he realized he had a passion and a unique talent for engineering handcrafted optical molds. He started creating casts that no one was producing and was able to provide lenses for unique prescriptions. Those unique lenses gave vision to people who thought they would never be able to see clearly. Donnie loved giving the gift of vision so much that he purchased the business from his boss and brought his son Bryan on board to work together. The two worked seven days a week to expand the company into a full-service optical lab. Together they would increase the shop’s optical manufacturing, and the number of people they helped see clearer grew into the thousands. His grandson Dawson has taken the reins and is focused on the company’s success and advancing its techniques and products into the future. Dawson hopes to honor the legacy of his grandfather and father by providing hope and expanding vision to people in every corner of the world.

Top Quality Service Creates Quality Custom Optical Lenses

Quality Without Question

As an independent optical lens lab, Aire-O-Lite’s top priority is product quality. Our experienced team’s expert knowledge puts us in a position to offer our customers top-of-the-line custom lenses confidently and consistently. We pride ourselves on knowing our one-of-a-kind lenses are providing clearer vision and changing thousands of lives for the better.

Our Speciality is our Fast and Accurate Response

Fast & Accurate No Matter the Request

At Aire-O-Lite, we know that vision is vital to a person’s quality of life. We pride ourselves on being responsive to each request, no matter how rare the request or precise the prescription.
We have experienced staff, a proven process, and the proper equipment to ensure your order is in your patient’s frames as quickly as possible.

We have personnel, processes, and advanced digital lens processing equipment in-house to ensure that your order gets there fast and precisely done, just like the doctor ordered.